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The best online photo storage services

Photos are uniquely designed to rekindle memories of past events. Identifying an ideal way of keeping photos helps to guarantee their safety and protection against loss or possible interference. Online storage of photographs is convenient, although finding the right online storage may be a challenge. Here is a look at some of the best online photo storage options available.


Google Photos Service

The online service was recently unveiled by the Google team. The service offers excellent online photo searching capability and unlimited online storage of both photos and videos. The service offers high-resolution viewing of the stored content.


Dropbox Photo Service

The Dropbox photo service is one of the frequently used online photo storage media. With the Dropbox application, users can have free storage space of up to 2 Gigabytes of content. For online content exceeding the free offer, a small monthly fee is charged. The Dropbox feature can also be linked to the user’s facebook account and accessed via camera uploading features on mobile phones. Photos are automatically backed up across most online platforms when using Dropbox.


Apple iCloud Photo Library

Apple, mostly known for the manufacture of smartphones and other communication gadgets, has also made online access to photos an easy task. Users of the service have an Apple iCloud Library, from which photos can be accessed. The photos and videos stored on Apple smartphones, iPads and Macbooks are synchronized and linked to make them accessible through the iCloud account. The iCloud Library automatically uploads photos into the account. For content occupying not more than 5 Gigabytes of storage space, no fee is charged. A monthly payment may, however, be charged for each Terabyte of storage space.



Flickr enables confidential and free uploading of photos occupying up to 1 Terabyte of space. The service uses Android and Desktop applications to enable automatic upload of online photos. The service has a unique capability of eliminating duplication during the photo uploading process. When using Flickr, videos are, however, downloaded manually through the Flickr website.


The Amazon Cloud

Amazon’s cloud drive charges a one-time yearly fee for storage of photos. Videos occupying more than 5 Gigabytes are also stored at an additional cost. For new users, the service may be confusing, had to navigate through, and not user-friendly. Selecting online folders and photo albums may also be a bit tricky.


Photos offer an ideal and perfect way to remember the long gone events and memories. Online storage of photos saves time and enables switching between different services in case any of them fails. The best online photo storage service should be safe and easily accessible by the user.